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Directed by Kathleen Bloom, Legally Blonde Jr. sees sorority member Elle Woods takes law school by storm! After Elle’s picture-perfect life takes an unexpected turn, she decides to reinvent herself by applying to Harvard Law School. When she gets accepted, Elle embarks on a musical journey to discovering her true worth, potential and dreams.

Runtime: 1 hour
Recommended For:  Ages 5+



Directed by Kathleen Bloom
Music Direction by Casey Rafn Music Arranger and Accompanist, Mary Howarth


In Order of Appearance

Margot - Emma Watterson

Serena - Kendall Olson

Pilar - Mikayla Franke

Delta Nus - Audrey Buzza, Betsy Brill, Hazel Carroll, Sophie Danner Smith, Erika Dierke, MacKenzie Elmore, Amilia Hinck, Brynn Johnson, Signe Johnson, Hallie Livingston, Annemarie Martin, Lola Norvell, Livia Sell, Dina Sweet, Kate Ward, Lily Ward, Magdelena Weleczski

Gaelen - Sophie Danner Smith

Kate - Magdalena Weleczski

Elle Woods - Vivian Hays

Saleswoman - Hazel Carroll

Store Manager - Signe Johnson

Warner Huntington III - Seraiah Brooks

Restaurant Host Lucas Valencia

Waiter - Kate Ward

Violinist - Julian Lambe

Delta Nu Greek Chorus - Erika Dierke, Lola Norvell, Magdalena Weleczski

Grandmaster Chad - Seraiah Brooks

Frat Boys - Julian Lambe, Henrik Nordeen, Lucas Valencia

Elle’s Dad - Abe Rafowicz

Elle’s Mom - Kate Ward

Winthrop - Lucas Valencia

Lowell - Betsy Brill

Pforzsheimer - Annemarie Martin

Jet Blue Pilot - Tad Williamson

Emmett Forrest - Tad Williamson

Aaron Schultz - Henrik Nordeen

Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan - Julian Lambe

Enid Hoopes - Hazel Carroll

Vivienne Kensington - Signe Johnson

Professor Callahan - Will Schmitt

Law Students - Betsy Brill, Annemarie Martin, Livia Sell, Lucas Valencia, Kate Ward

Paulette - Audrey Buzza

Whitney - Brynn Johnson

Dewey - Lucas Valencia

Brooke Wyndham - Erika Dierke

Video Dancers/Rope Jumpers - Sophie Danner Smith, Mackenzie Elmore, Amilia Hinck, Brynn Johnson

Prison Dancers/Rope Jumpers - Hallie Livingston, Dina Sweet, Lily Ward

Sabrina - Amilia Hinck

Prison Guards - Livia Sell, Kate Ward

Kyle - Lucas Valencia

Cashier - Betsy Brill

Stylist - Annemarie Martin

Bookish Client - Lola Norvell

Judge - Hallie Livingston

Court Clerk - Amilia Hinck

Bailiffs - Emily Kosel, Kamaella Foster

Chutney Wyndham - Livia Sell



Three Performances: 
Friday, August 2 at 6 p.m.
Saturday, August 3 at 4 p.m.
Sunday, August 4 at 4 p.m.

$15 per person

Creative Team

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Morris (Moose) Charlap
Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Additional Music by Julie Styne
Originally directed, choreographed, and adapted by Jerome Robbins

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