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Lundstrum's Musical Theater Conservatory Programs require an audition by faculty to assess the current skill level and commitment of the new student ages 9 to 19. These placement auditions help students find the class where they can thrive. No one can train to be their best in an environment far above or below their skill level. 

Lundstrum works to make these auditions as nonthreatening as possible. In-person auditions are also a chance for students to experience Lundstrum’s studios and how it feels to be on-site.

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Auditions are by appointment. They include learning dance movements for the dance department, singing for the voice department and reading a script or monologue for the acting department. The student will also be interviewed about his or her goals and dreams.

To audition in person, call Lundstrum's Registration Office at:



Please record yourself singing a song and doing some of your favorite dance moves. If you have a monologue, include that as well.* Video submissions should include your name, age, what you would like to learn at Lundstrum and why.

Instructions for submitting a video audition:

  • Can use a phone camera
  • Make sure the video is recorded in horizontal layout
  • File must be under 10 MB (If your video file is larger than 10MB, you can upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and email it to

* If you have a professional reel, website, or YouTube channel that we can access, please submit that information.