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With your generous support, we are able to continue our mission of discovering talent and inspiring dreams.

This list represents gifts given from June 30, 2017 through July 1, 2018.

Government Support


This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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Broadway Circle

Broadway Circle donors support the mission of Lundstrum Performing Arts to cultivate a love and knowledge of the performing arts in the lives of young people from all backgrounds with monetary gifts of $1,000 or more.

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Visionary Producers
($25,000 or more)

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Ann Jennings

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Laurence and Jean Lejune

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($10,000 - $24,999)

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Best Buy Foundation

George Family Foundation-Next Generation Fund

L.H. Hendrickson Family Charitable Fund

Andrea and Ken Hjelm

Joseph and Shelly Hoesley- Charitable Fund

James B. Linsmayer Foundation

Bob and Judy Murphy

Nolan Family Foundation- Charlie Nolan

Nolan Family Foundation- Liz Nordstrom

Plastics International

Rusty and Mary Jane People Foundation

Rea Charitable Trust

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($5,000 - $9,999)

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Cannon Family Foundation

Paul Carter and Kerry 

Casserly Carter

Norm and Laurie Coleman

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Ron Frey

Paula and Kenneth Gamer

Alan Geiwitz and Mary McMahon

The Harry L. and Janet M. Kitselman Foundation

Andrew and Amy Krane Charitable Fund

Cindy and Michael LeJeune

Joseph and Dana Mulvey

Paul and Jeanne Ravich 

Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Carol Schweickhardt

George Sherman

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Broadway Stars
($2,500 - $4,999)

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Terri Ashmore

Richard Erickson

Barbara Forster

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Thomas and Joyce 

Hansen Charitable Fund

Michelle and Jeff Hinck

Kirtland Electric

Susan Marvin and Keith Schwartzwald

Gina and Sean McDermott

Alice Greene McKinney and E. Kirk McKinney, Jr. Fund,

a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

The Douglas and Martha Miller Family Fun

at Schwab Charitable

Joe and Mary Mulvehill

Patty and David Murphy Family Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Smith, Schafer & Associates, LTD

Kate Tilney and Fred Kaemmer

Twin Cities Opera Guild

U.S. Bank

Nick and Jacqueline Vlietstra

Wells Family Foundation, Inc. 

recommended by John J. Knip, Jr.

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($1,000 - $2,499)

Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch

Diane and Mike Beddor

Mike Bosivich, MD

Tyrone and Delia Bujold

Patricia and Weldon Burchill Stewart Cariveau

Theresa and Peter Carter

Jerome J. and Ursula A. Choromanski Family Foundation

Jay and Page Cowles Giving Fund

Page Knudsen Cowles and Jay Cowles

Jamie and John Degnan

The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

Alex and Charlotte Frank

The GE Foundation

Mary Beidler Gearen

Mary and Rolf Gilbertson

Renée and John Hallberg

Barbara Hegenes

Al Hilde Jr. Gift Fund

Susan Hobbs

Sandra Hricko and Jim Mauck

Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

Thomas and Candyce Ihnot

Susan Johnson

John (Jack) and Jan Knip

Mary and Charles Lawrence

Bob and Susan Lewis

John and Nancy Lindahl

Eric Lucas

Lynnette and Kevin McCollum

Robert and Polly McCrea Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Ann McDonald

Christine L. Meuers and Hon. Steven E. Rau

The Minneapolis Foundation

Minnesota Vikings Foundation

Kate Mortenson

Mikisha and Desmond Nation

Michael J. O'Connell Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Thomas and Wendy Olson

Tim and Valerie Pass

Robert Puccio

RBC Foundation - USA

Shannon Riley and 

Joe Genereux

Colleen Ryan

Michael and Anne Ryan

Pat and Ann Ryan

Scott and Emily Ryerse

Senior Care Communities, Inc.

Bill and Katrinka Sharpe

Sandra Smalley-Fleming and Terry Fleming

Visitation Monastery

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Supporting Actors
($500 - $999)

Justin Baylor and Jackie Brown-Baylor

Ben and Kate Carpenter

Dave and LuAnn Carter

Margaret Gormley Coniglio

Robin Dahl

Michaela Diercks

Kelly Hegna Ekdahl and 

Matt Ekdahl

Judy Elias

T. Bruce and Karen Ferrara

Deborah Fiorella Franke and Craig Franke

Dave and June Hamlar

Katherine Harris

Ron and Barb Harris

Peggy Hegna

Shamara Henry

Henry Herzing

James and Anita Hidding Family Fund

Jane Anne Hill

Jerilyn Hirsch and Bob MacMurdo

Sondra Hollinger-Samuels and Don Samuels

Jody Huemoeller

Elizabeth Indihar

Japs-Olson Company

Adrienne Jordan

Thomas and Carla Kilkelly

Helene and Dennis Konn

Fr. Dale Korogi

Katie Lawler

Kelley Lindes

Karen and Mike Maney

John and Linda McCarty

William and Virginia McDonald

Doug McMonagle and Roberta Boller-McMonagle

David and Linda Mona Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Liz and Chuck Mooty

Monica Murphy

Beth and Dean Nakamura

Terri and Jeff Naughtin

Annie Nelson

Robert and Terry Nelson

Mary A. Pepin

Brooks and Margaret Poley

Rotary Club of Crystal, Robbinsdale, New Hope

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Deborah A. and William Roth

Rick and Stephanie Soskin

Standard Heating and Air Conditioning

Nancy Tiffany

U.S. Bank Foundation

Viking Construction Inc.

($250 - $499)


Nancy Arrell

Ann Carr

Robert and Melanie Casserly

David Christensen and Kathy Kladek

Mary Cleary

Mike Collyard

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Kechi Duffy

Amy and Billy Ellis

Pat Exner

Jeanne and Jim Fackler

Linda Muir Finney and Michael Finney

Beverly Fitzgerald

Christine and Paul Fournier

Thomas K. Gale

Mary Gangelhoff

Susan and Douglas Gerlach

MaryEllen (Meg) Gisslen

Patricia Gordon

Diana Gulden

W. C. Hines III

Margaret Hottinger

Mindy Isaacs

Duane and Barbara Johnson

Deborah Jonikas

Judy Kirk and Michael Schroeder

Tracey and David Koller

Thomas Kosel and Susan Casserly-Kosel

Will Krane

Thomas and Michelle Krenn

Theresa Lebahn

Linda Talcott Lee

Benito Matias

Jane McMonagle

Mary Ann McNeil and David Higgins

David and Linda Mona

Olivia Mulvey Morawiecki 

and Nicholas Morawiecki

Fran Rusciano Murnane

Network for Good

Gen Olson

Joan Grathwol Olson and 

Steve Olson

Angela and Brian O'Malley

Lyndly F. Opitz

Tish and Rich Osborn

Rita Peller

Emily and Jeff Piper

Joseph Price

Kathryn Ray

Michael Reif

Susan Simons

Yin and Scott Simpson

Fred and Sharon Slininger

Patty Stromen

Sunrise Banks

Walter Tambor

Mark and Lee Ann Thelemann

Kathleen Tickle

Cathy and Mike Tikkanen

Chelsa and Ben Tourville

Bob and Marie Tufford

Shari and Roger Wilsey

Jeff Wisted and Pam McGrann

($100 - $249)


Arlene Alm

Patrice Arasim

Bruce and Bonnie Battaglia

Laura Bednarski

Pam Berendt

Kathleen Bloom and Allen Bernard

Steve Bonoff

Rhonda and Butch Broberg

Betty Bundul

Patricia Ann Burke

Leslie Bush

Carolyn and Tim Buzza

Kathleen Carter

Jim Casserly and Mary Molzahn

Center for Character-Based Leadership, LLC

Bridget Connors

Kay Constantine

Robert and Sheri Dryden

David Dvorak

Susan Dyke

Daryl and Christine Eastburg


Rosalyn Emon

Gregory Evans

Patrica Farnham

Bernie Fautch

Janet Fligge

Archbishop Harry J. Flynn

Barbara Franklin

Charlotte Gangelhoff

Vicki Glaeser

Heather and Jerry Goldman

Tim Gormley and Bonnie 


George Gossman

Tina and Ricardo Grant

James Grathwol

Jean Marie Hamilton

William and Patricia Harwell

Tori and Leon Hill

Ardella Hoffman

Jamiee Howard

Joan Humes

IBM Matching Gifts

Venancio Jo

Jean Johnson

Keith Johnson

Theresa and Michael Karels

Laura King

Mary Korman

Jeanene Lavery and Katie Townsend

Mary Beth and Al Liekhus 

Look-Allgeyer Family 

Charitable Fund

Elwin and Jenny Loomis

Wendy Lovell-Smith and Colin Smith

Peggy and David Lucas

C. Jess Madland and Ellen Jordano

Shawn and Andy Marquis

Medtronic Foundation

Joy Miciano and Steven Gels

Yvonne Moore

Lorraine Nelson

Anne Norris

Kate Nowlin and Remy Auberjonois

Michael O'Connell and Sue Hayes

Gail and James O'Rourke

Mariah and Marcus Owens

Beth Pattinson

Susan Pauly

Beth Mellin Pawlick

Suzette Schommer Peterson

Michael Pham

Piper Jaffray

Carol Anne Quest

Donna and Bill Ramsay

John Reger

Bob and Jan Reinhardt

Timothy Richert

Carolyn Riley

Judith Samson

Patricia Sander

Anne Rae Sanderson

Kathleen and Robert Sather

Thomas and Mary Beth Scallen

Tammy Schemmel

Geri and Peter Scherer

Warren Schueneman

Miriam Seidenfeld

Chris Shaheen

Gale Sharpe

Judy Sicora

Robert Slesinger

Phil and Gloria Smith

Don and Annie Smithmier

Melissa Sonnenberg

SPS Commerce

Janis and James Stephenson

Dr. Tom and Liba Stillman

Monique and James Stumon

Judy Stuthman

Target Corporation

Tom and Debra Tharaldson

June Thiemann

Celia and Tom Threlkeld

Timian Family Fund

Michael Tracy

Ruby Tranberg

Dennis and Debra Wagner

Betty Webb

Mandy and Christian Whiteside

Esther and James Williamson

Steve and Arlene Winnick

Kristen and Nathan Womack

Michelle Yates

Michael Ziomko

(Up to  $99)

Frank Ahmann

Omarra and Eric Alexander

AmazonSmile Foundation

Lynn Bohm Anderson

Timothy P. and Julie S. Anderson

Mary Baker

Keith and Jeannine Barnell

Janet and David Berry

Marian McCarthy Beumer

Ann Biggar

Katherine Bischoff

Joseph Boller

Kenneth and Marcia Cartier

Marcia and Paul Chapman

Susan Dempsey

Pamela and Thomas Devine

Duane and Michelle Dickhaus

Pallavi Dixit

Barbara Dugan

Nwanneka Eke

Sharifa Elaraj

Georgia Ellis

Brian and Ann Farrell

Cynthia Fashant Collins and Mike Collins

Michael Fiala

Barbara Florence

John Fox

Ted and Mary Freese

Stephen and Patricia Gjertson

Linda Gustafson

Phoebe Hallett

Jonathan Halpern

Patricia Hollenhorst

Diane Holmers

Sarah and Chuck Holtman

Terry and Audrey Hopke

Mary and John Howarth

Margaret Johnson

Michelle (MJ) Johnson

Terry Johnson

Margaret Jondahl

Cynthia Kalland

Margaret Kavaney

Jack Kelly

Erin Kelly-Collins

Todd and Cheri Kennedy

Katherine Kersten and Mark Johnson

Aundra and Gerald Kohlbeck

Nora Kreml

Kirsten Kurtz

Rochelle and Jim Landy

Janet Lenius

Liberty Diversified International -Sharon Stillman

Jean Marie and William Rose

McKayla Marso

Jennifer Mayerle

Landon McDermott

Jeanne R. Melsha

Susanna Mennicke

June Michalski

Claudia Miller and Wayne Moskowitz

Judy Miller

Marilyn Miller

Suzanne Miller

Laurie Misik

Jenny and Brian Mojica

John Nelson

Ron and Gail Nida

Jane and Douglas Norris

Simon Osamoh

Susan Peterson

Debra Pitton

Perrin Post

Andrea Ravich

Ann Rest

Mary Joy Rieder and Michael Peroz

Sally Russell

Saint Paul Foundation

Alan Schafer

Dayle and Bruce Schnack

Jan Schueppert

Karen and Michael Shockency

Trishon Smythe

Kathy and Peter Somers

Nancy Spangrud

Keith Stollenberg

Steve and Harriet Swartz

Teresa Sweeney

Julie Te Slaa

Kathy Thompson

Michael Todd

Shirley Tupper

Lorri Utoft

Jan VanWyngarden

Deanne and Joe Vaughan

Marcella Wartman

Roger and Carmen Wentz

Phyllis Westlund

Dick and Diane Wright

Holly Ziemer and Steve Suckow

Gifts In-Kind

Anonymous (2)

Diann Ackard and Chadburn Blomquist

Crystal Couture Inc.

Jody Bonson

Paul Carter and Kerry 

Casserly Carter

Treshonda and Lakaila Conley

Christine Danner

Kristina Drake and 

Mickey Kahleck

Daryl and Christine Eastburg

Sharifa Elaraj

Judy Elias

Laura Ginsburg

Tamara Foley

Heather and Jerry Goldman

Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby

Angelique Ilo

Japs-Olson Company

Aiden Kimberly

Great Harvest Minnetonka

Jack Knip

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Marty Koessel- Dunn Brothers 

North Loop

Helene and Dennis Konn

Stephenie and Rick Labandz

Karen Mack

Gianna Madison

Cameron Mangis

Mary Marsolais

Joseph and Dana Mulvey

Jennifer and Thomas Pann

Robyn and Vernon Rowen

Sara Rubenstein-Case and Thomas Case

Krysta and Jesse Schultz

Melissa Sonnenberg

Lisa and Jon Sweet

Sandy Webber

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

Julie Young

This list represents gifts given from June 30, 2017 through July 1, 2018. Every attempt was made to ensure the accuracy of this report. You may call our Development Office at 612-521-2600 with questions or corrections.