Private Lessons

Lundstrum Performing Arts offers private lessons and coaching in voice, dance and drama for ages 8 and up. In a one-on-one setting, you will have the opportunity to work on your specific needs as a performer.



How is your audition monologue working for you?

Students who take private lessons can study a variety of techniques to explore emotional accessibility and range. Every performer is different, and private lessons will explore which technique resonates with you. Vital performance elements such as authenticity, vocal projection and enunciation will also be strengthened. Instructors cover acting for stage, film and television, and may include monologues, improvisation and audition techniques.


Chrissy Fournier, former Broadway performer, television host and Lundstrum's Musical Theater instructor.

Heather Gerard-Peabody, founder of The Peabody Players Comedy Group and Lundstrum Acting instructor, who specializes in working with younger performers.


Need to work on your time steps and double wings?

Lundstrum offers private dance lessons and coaching in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. Private lessons are offered at beginner, advanced and intermediate levels. Lundstrum coaches dancers to be audition ready.


Janie McMonagle, Lundstrum's Director of Dance, professional choreographer and former nationally-touring dancer, who specializes in ballet, jazz and tap.

Patrick Moore, dancer and singer of over 35 years, Lundstrum's Adult Tap and Hip Hop instructor.

Kerry Carter, Lundstrum's Artistic Director, former Broadway dancer and choreographer, who specializes in musical theater, tap and jazz.

Katie Wodele, professional performer, ten year LPA veteran instructor of theater, concert dance and musical theater for children and adults. Katie specializes in ballet, tap and jazz for beginner to intermediate levels.

Detailed Instructor resumes can be found on the staff page.

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