voice lessons


FOR AGES 9 to adult

So many ways to use your voice! Sing, Vocalize, Burst into Song, Chant, Serenade, Chirp, Intone, Roar, Shout, Warble, Yodel, Whisper, Buzz, Hum, Pipe, Harmonize, Cantillate, Belt and Cry.

Lundstrum Performing Arts’ instructors will help you discover your true voice, overcome bad habits that interfere with good singing, and strengthen and protect your voice. Voice lessons will help you to become a more confident performer. 

Voice lessons with an experienced professional voice teacher can help you sing higher and lower, help you with that annoying “break” in your voice, help you sing “on pitch,” sing louder and softer, and help you find songs that you can sing well. Lundstrum’s professional voice teachers can help you develop a repertoire of songs to sing and offers opportunities to perform in a professional and supportive setting.

Our interdisciplinary approach develops students who are polished in song interpretation, acting and movement. 

Vocal instructors: Susan Casserly-Kosel and Kathleen Bloom. 

Audition Preparation

Lundstrum Performing Arts’ professional faculty are intimately familiar with the audition process “from both sides of the table.” Our voice teachers can guide you in selecting the right songs to show you at your best. They can help you choose songs for both your voice type and character type.

Video/Audio Recorded auditions have quickly become the norm. A good voice teacher and vocal coach can help you get the best recording of which you’re capable. We also have experienced audio and video recording engineers if you want a professional quality recording for your audition submission.


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