Spark Your Dreams: Inspiring Dreams Breakfast


The morning of October 3rd marked another Inspiring Dreams Breakfast at Lundstrum Performing Arts. An annual celebration of the power of musical theater to change lives, the event welcomed 200+ guests for an energizing morning, which featured a performance of “Alexander Hamilton” by Lundstrum students and a program that included Executive Director Amy Casserly Ellis, longtime supporter Thomas Gale and student Kaemella Foster.

The highlight of the morning was hearing from Kaemella Foster, who grew up in North Minneapolis and came to Lundstrum nearly 10 years ago with her brother, Kavontae. Introduced to Lundstrum by her grandmother, Kaemella soon found herself at home. During her speech, she recalled meeting her first Casserly sister, Susan Casserly-Kosel. She recalls with a smile on her face, “I remember walking in and introducing myself to Miss Sue, and then without missing a beat, proudly introducing my brother as well. Susan replied, ‘Excuse me, but I asked your brother for his name.’” Today, Kaemella cites this first meeting as a key lesson in respecting other people’s voices while developing your own.


Kaemella’s highlights during her time at Lundstrum include participating in modeling, tap company and Lundstrum’s productions of Hello Dolly! and The Boyfriend. Having stepped through Lundstrum’s doors shortly after we moved to our current home on North 2nd Street, Kaemella has in many ways grown up right alongside us.

As far as what lessons Kaemella is taking with her as she moves on in her career, she had this to say:

“Number one, professionalism. I think you have to be a part of a setting in order to learn professionalism. The Casserly sisters helped me learn this by modeling what the professional world looks like. Less is more. I really do talk all the time, but the sisters taught me how to be confident, how to embrace yourself and the importance of love and relationships. I plan to take all these lessons on with me.”

Currently, Kaemella is pursuing a degreee in Education and Spanish at Hamline University. Her dream is to be a Spanish teacher for 4th grade and adults. She also plans to pursue graduate studies in Social Justice, and is committed to the education of youth and incarcerated adults. A walking inspiration, it is clear that Kaemella is determined to contribute to a better future for her community, particularly when it comes to providing an educational platform for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Her message for current Lundstrum students?

“Everything won’t always make sense. So, stay true to yourself,

remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Always stay true to yourself.”


Do you know a young person like Kaemella that can benefit from Lundstrum’s unique program of mentoring and musical theater training? Click here to see our latest program offerings.