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Lundstrum Performing Arts is proud of its integrated and progressive curriculum that teaches musical theater technique and repertoire from ages 3-18, serving students from Minneapolis, St. Paul and across the Twin Cities. This year, we are so proud that a number of our students have completed our program, and are graduating high school and taking their talents to the next stage of college and life.

Lundstrum staff recently visited with graduating seniors Kaemella Foster, Hanna Bolstrom, and Amber Grant about their future and the impact that Lundstrum has had on their careers. Kaemella Foster and Amber Grant have been with us for nearly ten years and have participated in the Lundstrum Tap Company, Hip Hop class, Broadway Arts Conservatory, and many summer musicals. Hannah is a prized member of our Dancemania program that includes our specialty triple-threat training adapted for students with special needs. 

Lundstrum: What are your plans for next year?

Kaemella Foster: I plan to attend Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida to study  Education and Spanish, as I wish to become a Spanish teacher. I would also love to own a dance studio, so am considering adding a business minor. 

Hannah Bolstrom: I will be attending Transitions Plus next year for job training, continue to volunteer at the library and to dance. 

Amber Grant: I plan to go to Howard University in Washington D.C. next year and study communications. 

Lundstrum: What has been the best part of your time at Lundstrum?

Kaemella: I am really lucky to have grown up at Lundstrum because I was able to learn things that my mom wasn't able to teach me. Lundstrum played a parent-like role in my life between the dancing, singing, acting, making friends, performing, and even helping in the office. In addition to the arts, the best part about Lundstrum is the amount of care and love I received whenever I was down, and the friendships I made with  parents, students and staff.

Hannah: The best part of Lundstrum is getting to meet new friends and staying connected with old friends.

Amber: I have made so many genuine and positive relationships at Lundstrum that will last a lifetime.

Lundstrum: What is the most valuable skill you have learned from your time at Lundstrum?

Kaemella: I have learned many skills at Lundstrum and I value them all, however the ones that I find most significant are to always find the positive angles in every situation, and to always push your self even if you are uncomfortable because that's the only way anyone will ever grow!

Hannah: Most valuable skill I've learned is the acting. Definitely the acting!

Amber: One of the most valuable skills I have learned is having a positive attitude... everyone at Lundstrum brings their all with such a great uplifting attitude.


Lundstrum: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Kaemella: I am looking forward to wrapping things up here in Minnesota as I prepare to move to Florida. I am excited to meet new people who come from different parts of the world, instead of different parts of Minnesota. I am excited to be on my own, no matter how hard things may get, and I am super pumped about the Florida weather! 

Hannah: Taking Dancemania summer class! 

Amber: Getting ready for the next chapter of my life!


Lundstrum Performing Arts congratulates all our graduating seniors, and looks forward to great things in your future! In the words of the Broadway hit musical Newsies "Open the gates and seize the day!"

  • Mary Kathryn Burchill, graduating from Stillwater High School, attending Texas Christian University to study musical theater
  • Ted Haeg, graduating from Academy of Holy Angels, attending Viterbo University to study Theatre Education and Science Education
  • Kiara Jones, graduating from Convent of the Visitation School, attending St. Olaf University
  • Sascha Paisner, graduating from Lionsgate Academy
  • Asante Samuels, graduating from DeLaSalle High School, attending California State University, Northridge


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