Lundstrum's Top 5 Audition Tips


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, auditioning is an often exhilarating process that comes with wide range of challenges. In preparation for our upcoming Fall term (beginning September 14th) we thought we’d outline our favorite tips for performers to succeed in their audition.

But First, practice!

1. Prepare for your Audition. An actor is only as good as the work they put into their craft, and the same holds true for auditions. Go at your own pace when learning your audition materials, start early, and take the time you need to make sure your best “you” will be present at your audition.

Rehearsing before an audition is not a race, but a thoughtful process for an actor to explore, discover and fine-tune their unique talents.

2.Be Authentic. While it may be tempting to stretch your talent at each and every audition, there is much to be valued in understanding your own range, strengths and current abilities.


Directors can tell when an actor is not being truthful, and it is important to find an audition piece that best portrays your own uniqueness.

3. Utilize your Resources. When it comes to finding audition material and putting your best foot forward into the auditions you land, there’s nothing more valuable than utilizing the resources in your community! From your acting teachers, to fellow actors, community boards and networks, make sure to stay connected to your local theater community to find opportunities, learn from others and grow in your craft.

An actor is nothing without a strong community. start small, connect with the community of artists at your school, in your town and on the web. some of our favorite places to start are:

4. Use your nerves! Those pre-audition jitters can work for you! It’s natural to feel nervous before (and during!) an audition, but instead of letting those nerves prevent you from performing your best, refocus that energy toward your performance. 

Nerves are a good thing! instead of stopping you in your tracks, focus that energy toward further exploration of your audition material, the project you’re auditioning for and incorporating those emotions into your performance.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Learning and rehearsing your audition material can be an overwhelming process, but that shouldn’t stop you. When it doubt, don’t be afraid to reach out to others (friends, family, coaches, fellow actors) for a helping hand. Reading lines with you, giving you pointers on dialogue, or simply to cheer you on during a practice run, other people in your community can not only give you the confidence you need to walk into the audition room prepared, but make the rehearsal process all the more fun and fulfilling! Ask for input from your teachers, invest in private coaching from Lundstrum or others and take those extra steps now before entering in the audition.

Get the help you need during when preparing for an audition. there is no such thing as being over prepared!

We hope these tips come in handy during the fall audition season. most importantly, remember to have fun! We’re wishing you the best audition yet!

Did you know Lundstrum offers audition prep? Learn more about our year-round private lessons here